Seminar Series – October 12, 2017

Dr. Annie LeBlanc

Meaningful translation of comparative effectiveness research at the point of care


Dr. Annie LeBlanc, PhD is a clinical epidemiologist, Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Medicine at Laval University, Investigator at Laval University’s Institute of Health and Social Services in Primary Care and the Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit at Mayo Clinic, MN (USA). She is Co-director of the Knowledge Translation Core of the Quebec SPOR-SUPPORT Unit. Her research centers around the translation of comparative effectiveness research into practice through the design, evaluation, implementation, and sustainability of patient-centered interventions, such as shared decision making, and their impact on patient important outcomes. Of importance to the success of this work, is the conduct of pragmatic research that is minimally disruptive to the practice and the engagement of stakeholders throughout each stage of the work to ensure that the research processes and outcomes are focused on what really matters to patients.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline the value of shared decision making as a mean to translate comparative effectiveness (CER) into practice and contribute to patient centered care
  2. Discuss barriers and facilitators to the successful translation and implementation of CER into practice
  3. Reflect on the best strategies to enhance patient and clinician involvement in research while remaining minimally disruptive to the practice

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