Arthritis Broadcast Network interviews

The inaugural Arthritis Broadcast Network (ABN) #Greek2Street Facebook and Twitter Live event was held at the 2018 KT Canada Annual Scientific Meeting in Vancouver, BC. The ABN conducted a total of 18 interviews in a little over 36 hours.

Interview topics included:

  • knowledge translation methods for healthcare providers, patients, and families;
  • patient engagement in research, health economic research, and healthcare;
  • effective communication techniques to educate and inform patients about adherence, treatment information, and self-care practices;
  • patient preferences and moving beyond clinical guidelines;
  • effective implementation of guidelines;
  • knowledge translation and health technology assessment;
  • co-developing “toolkits” with patients;
  • citizen engagement in elder care;
  • evaluation of patient engagement; and,
  • using arts to engage youth in research.

The interviews remain on the ABN Facebook Page ( and are available on the ABN YouTube channel under “KT Canada 2018 – #Greek2Street Knowledge Translation”:

Please continue the conversation online. And most importantly, tell patients about this resource! The body of interviews is like a mini-lesson on knowledge translation.