KT Canada Annual Summer Institute

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The KT Canada Summer Institute provides junior faculty, research staff, fellows, and graduate students the opportunity to increase their understanding of KT research, develop their careers, and receive mentorship from national and international KT experts. Held annually in June, the Summer Institute is an intensive 2.5 day training program that includes networking opportunities, academic poster presentations, and interactive learning to advance the science and practice of KT and build capacity in implementation science/knowledge mobilization across the country. 

KT Canada is a clinical research and training initiative, which was initially funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and Canada Foundation for Innovation to advance the science of KT and build capacity in the science and practice of KT. The Summer Institute helps build capacity in participants to bridge the gap between research evidence and practice. Prior Summer Institute participants have obtained positions in universities, government, funding agencies and industry, among others. Of those who are in academic positions, many have received salary support awards including Canada Research Chairs and New Investigator Awards.

No two Summer Institutes are exactly the same, but some commonly-covered topics include: 

  • What are theories, models and frameworks and how do I choose one? 
  • Patient and public involvement in research 
  • KT interventions of proven effectiveness
  • KT and intersectionality
  • Evaluation – mixed methods, economic analyses 
  • Panels on various topics with KT experts, including a panel dedicated to career advice


Are you interested in sponsoring the next KT Canada Summer Institute?

Budgets for the KT Canada Summer Institute cover costs only. Expenses are largely met from registration fees because KT Canada policies prohibit funding from conflicted sources, such as the drug or medical device industry. Registration costs can be a barrier to participation by trainees. To address this challenge, we always hope to raise additional funds through sponsorship from Canadian and international organizations involved in health care, health research, health policy or knowledge translation. Funds raised will help reduce registration costs for all participants. This partnership of researchers, educators, funders, and knowledge users represents a unique initiative to build capacity in KT.

Some key benefits to you include:

  • Ensuring your organization and its message are noticed by these audiences
  • Having your logo visible to attendees
  • Increasing your profile by having your organization’s name and logo on the website page, where visitors can click through to your site

Past Sponsors 

Past events

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