Seminar Series – April 12, 2018

Alison Hoens

Knowledge Brokers – Are they theĀ answer to knowledge translation challenges in healthcare?


Alison Hoens is the Knowledge Translation Specialist for the Methods Clusters of the BC SUPPORT Unit. She has served as the Knowledge Broker within the Department of Physical Therapy of the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine for over 7 years. In her capacity as a Knowledge Broker she has facilitated partnerships in over 50 projects between more than 400 researchers, clinicians, decision makers and patients in clinically relevant research and in the development of resources that have been accessed provincially, nationally and internationally to support evidence-informed healthcare practice.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Be aware of key messages from the literature with respect to:
    • the knowledge broker(s) in healthcare
    • the evidence regarding the effect and effectiveness of knowledge brokers in healthcare
    • key issues related to the training, recruitment and evaluation of knowledge brokers
  2. Reflect upon if and how knowledge brokers could be incorporated within their own organization


Download: Poster