Seminar Series – September 2023

Dr. Nick Sevdalis

Why and what are we controlling…? Reflections on how to design and manage control groups in hybrid effectiveness-implementation trials


 I am currently a Visiting Professor at the Yong Loo Lin Scool of Medicine, National University of Singapore and Academic Director of the Centre for Behavioural & Implementation Science Interventions (BISI). I’m also serving as Specialty Chief Editor of the Journal Frontiers in Health Services, Implementation Science Section (2021-). I have previously held the role of Professor of Implementation Science and Patient Safety at King’s College London, where I directed the Centre for Implementation Science (2015-23), and several academic roles at the Patient Safety Translational Research Centre of Imperial College London (2004-15), both in the UK.

My vision is to achieve population health and high quality healthcare delivery through application of psychological and behavioural sciences and partnership development between stakeholders in academia, health services, charitable organisations and industry. My research is situated within the interdisciplinary space of implementation and improvement sciences, and applied psychology and has been disseminated in over 450 publications to-date.

Learning objectives:

  1. To offer an overview of the nature of control groups in published effectiveness-implementation hybrid trials in health

2. To articulate what is being controlled and with what aims and explore rationales for the choice of controls

3. To present illustrative case studies of hybrid trials, demonstrating different considerations in selecting control groups

4. To share my personal experiences of setting up and managing control groups, including how to manage potential tensions arising in control arms of hybrid trials

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PDF of slides: click here