Seminar Series – November 12, 2020

Dr. Anita Kothari and Kurt Tulsieram

Integrated Knowledge Translation in Networks


Anita Kothari is an Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario, School of Health Studies. Her research focuses on understanding how to best support the use of research and knowledge in healthcare decision-making; within this domain, she concentrates on integrated knowledge translation (i.e., research co-production) particularly in public health systems and services. Please see further information about her Lab and the Integrated Knowledge Translation Research Network. You can also find Anita on twitter @anitarena. Anita’s academic background involved training in health research methodology, population health, and health policy and services. She is a member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada.



Kurt Tulsieram is a PhD candidate in Health and Aging with a focus on Knowledge Translation, under the joint supervision of Dr. Anita Kothari and Dr. Jacob Shelley. He is analyzing the knowledge translation strategies of national cancer risk behaviour research projects to improve alignment among stakeholders across Canada. He previously completed an MSc in Health Studies and Gerontology at the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo, where his thesis explored the comprehensibility of provincial HPV health information for the lay population.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this presentation the audience will be able to:

  1. Learn about the potential of networks as a sustainable IKT strategy
  2. Understand the processes of IKT in a network using 2 case examples
  3. Re-assess the potential of networks as an IKT strategy based on 2 case examples