Seminar Series – February 2023


Dr. Leigh-Anne Bakel,

Creating a Pediatric Clinical Pathways Learning Health System-Real World Experience from Children’s Hospital Colorado



Dr Leigh Anne Bakel is a Pediatric Hospitalist at Children’s Hospital Colorado where she also serves as a Medical Director of Clinical Effectiveness and the Director of the Clinical Pathways Program. Her masters in Clinical Epidemiology is backed by experience in research in clinical practice guidelines on the international level. She then focused her attention on Clinical Pathways which are designed to implement best evidence including clinical practice guidelines into the local context. Her areas of academic interest are building a national collaborative of pediatric Clinical Pathway programs, improving implementation and dissemination of Clinical Pathways, and developing a Clinical Pathway Learning Health System where clinical outcomes from children cared for using Clinical Pathways are used to adapt and improve Clinical Pathways to further improve outcomes.


Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the core competencies for researchers in Learning Health Systems;
  2. Understand why Clinical Pathways are a natural intervention to use for this work;
  3. Describe efforts undertaken at Children’s Hospital Colorado to create a Learning Health System within the Clinical Pathways program.